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So as you can imagine, there are a ton of fight scenes every single episode. I simply hate it. It's nice that great power like the Originals weild in the hands of someone who doesn't casually slaughter people. He just seemed more likeable and you wanted him to succeed. I for one was super angry when they stripped Alaric of his power which was a similar situation. Being a far more powerful witch, backed by nature to destroy the monsters she'd made? Now, it gets sort of annoying, like the roles are simply reversed. Press J to jump to the feed. Me too. We saw Lucien one handed break Klaus' arms and bone dagger him with minimal effort. What I really liked about marcel in the earlier season was that despite being weaker than the originals he used his wit and knowledge of the city to catch them off guard. Klaus for a moment felt weak and went to his therapist Cami, but Cami is stronger than ever and sent him packing. Or even if they are more powerful the lead character can always find a way to trick them . However, it also depends on your opponent, as in who is against who? There's a good chance she just grew stronger since she never actually died and was just preserved. Eulogy /Funeral Quotes: M - R This part of the site is dedicated to various remarks uttered by different people towards eulogy. Everyone really needs to just let this go. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheOriginals community. 13 comments Think about it. Reviews: 0. It was amazing to see him have the upper hand for once. That gets boring after about 2 seasons. User Lists: 0. While Andrew Lees' Lucien ... Marcel is in charge. ! Lucian and Marciel just threw TOs around like rag dolls. No, it's not annoying at all. Short answer, fuck yes. but people don’t get this because unlike hashirama he doesn’t use his chakra to create mountan blasting jutsu but he uses it for speed .incase he needs power he has sage mode but generally he beats most characters in a flash. It doesn't matter at all. At times he even seem like a bully. Super Strength:They are considerably stronger than any supernatural species seen thus far. But, how would the same spell produce a much stronger version when it was the same one used on TOs, only TOs have been around a lot longer at said strength, so should be stronger or atleast equal in strength. Charlie Michael Davis (CMD) has been a main character in TO since the beginning, and that has been clear. Couldn't kill them without the White Oak Stake. You just knew that any "rival" vampires (yes even Lucien) weren't a real problem at all. Period. She made normal vampires who grew into the monstrously strong people they are now. CMD has been on literally all of the episodes in the show, busting his ass, and, for that, his character deserves to step out from the sidelines of supernatural mediocrity, and rise to power, 'cos you know he deserves it. On The Originals, the Mikaelsons are the oldest vampires in the world. but what people forget is he can cast a jutsu faster than anyone and he has the fastest relfexes and crazy good sensory ability … But after a while, Marcel became a punching bag for the Originals. But since they both became beasts would Lucien still be stronger (since he was stronger than marcel before the serum) or would they both start at an equal strength after taking the serum? There is a very big power struggle between Marcel and Klaus. However, the Jaw Titan has always been one of … We didn't sign up for the perfect balance. Fuck the Mikaelson. Although he helps them protect Hope from the Hollow, refuses to forgive Klaus for Davina's death and the two come to blows. She’s there for Klaus as a therapist, but only during his appointments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Marcel being the strongest member of the family now allows for the development of relationship between them that never got the chance to come to fruition. So Lucien and Marcel died as strong vampires and came back much stronger than the originals who died as humans. (Davina even refer to Rebecca as one) the oldest, most powerful vampire in the world. The writers had written themselves into a corner with the combination of absurd physical advantage and a sire bond. Why do you people have a hard on for douches staying powerful? Lucien explicitly said he didn't want to be a shoddy original version. Marcel was shown to also b… yes. It just means the show is centered around them. the new spell is something the elders have been working for centurys, using reverse engineering they manage to crack down the original spell used by Esther and give a lil extra something, its possible if you havent seen TVD you will realize Esther made a new vampire stronger than any original there. For literally all the seasons the big bad has always been some witch that's super op and as annoying as it was, it made sense because no other creature could physically best the originals. When the Originals were first introduced they were known as the old ones. Same for Vincent. Marcel was shown to also be stronger than the originals and Klaus, fighting them with ease but recently his strength seemed inferior to Lucien's, whether this is because Marcel was reluctant to fight or is simply inferior to Lucien due to being a younger vampire when turned or even both is unknown. Yes. EXACTLY.before he had to use finesse and his intelligence to defeat or avoid the originals but now he is just a big muscled bully. By making Marcel stronger then them it takes away from the Originals lure. Yikes, apparently this is a heated topic. Marcel & Lucien are stronger than Alaric(in strength & experience). He shouldn't be. Yes. ... you'll find him in a little bit of a stronger position than where he was in season two," Davis continues. In the beginning, it was entertaining, seeing Marcel manipulate, blackmail, lie, and charm his way to safety. But when one of his was betrayed he took it. She was just sitting in a coffin for 1000 years, watching everything the Mikaelsons did. This was shown when lucien just walked off being hit by the 1000 cut shuriken. But you either need to come up with more menacing villains or create conflict that has real stakes (e.g., Marcel becoming stronger) if you want to have a 5 season story on them. He's stronger, faster, more durable and a bite that could even kill Klaus. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I agree, with you to an extent. Now there are consequences to their actions. It would have been so much better if they just kept Marcel as a regular vampire because it really doesn't add anything to the show beside Marcel seem to have a bigger ego, and it makes me dislike him more then I did in season one. Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard is a protagonist/anti-hero in The Originals. when klaus was a bully to others he did with charm and panache but marcel is just a thug. You could admire Gerard’s ingenuity. Elijah was always arrogant and that goes for ALL the Mikaelsons, Marcel being able to keep these assholes in check is required for the balance. It could also be a famous saying of a person on how they see eulogies. Marcel is weaker than Lucian atm, Lucian was so strong because he was protected by the elders, tbh magic was about to defeat Lucian alot of times untill the elders saved his poor ass. It doesn't make the Originals any less badass and allows for the continuing character development for EVERYONE not just Marcel. And due to his (relatively) more moral compass he is a great juxtaposition to his father. The most recent user of the Jaw Titan is Falco. Couldn't kill them because they were more powerful than every Vampire. That is why people are reacting that way. If you dropped Stefan or Damon back in time to when they were first born, they'd be stronger by a good deal. He is what he is. The show is called The Originals, not the Marcel show. By making Marcel stronger then them it takes away from the Originals lure. On the vampire diaries there never was a character stronger then Damon, and Stefan. Yes that's fun for couple of episodes but for a long running show?? In the words of Klaus, "Marcellus is family". Marcel keeps Klaus captive for five years before banishing the Original siblings from the city. Odds are, the only reason she was able to create Alaric in a way that made him so much exponentially stronger is because she herself was a great deal stronger than when she originally cast her spell. I didn't like Marcel when he was first introduced on the show. The Hollow, because she did things that took Dahlia 1000 years to do even with the immense power she gathered. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, it isn't a member of the family who is the most powerful. The reality is Lucien > Marcel, yes Lucien is dead, yes Marcel actually beat the mikaelsons but Lucien was undone by hubris and Freya's batshit crazy magic that wasn't available to use on Marcel. When the Originals were first introduced they were known as the old ones. It's like a teenager son who was tired of being weaker than his daddy that he had to resort to steroids to get stronger lol. While Marcel & Lucien could be even(since we really don't know if their vampire strength was taken into account). If they made Marcel simply as strong as the originals, it would’ve made for a more complex story. I don't have a problem with it. That's an order. It also caused a minor scandal because of its—for the time—risqué discussion of homosexuality. I think it's silly that Marcel is stronger then the Originals. It seems there's a new hybrid in town. minato is stronger then most people. A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries in development for CW. That goes to Klaus, Kol, Freya, in that order. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Lucien Marcel Tenn, Lucien M Tenn and Lucien N Tenn are some of the alias or nicknames that Lucien … But at the end of season 3 Damon and Stefan found a way to stop him. Add to that being trained by 3 Originals, and you have quite a formidable foe.
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