Pochemuchka (почемучка) – Pochemuchka is a person, usually a child, who asks too many questions. The German word waldeinsamkeit refers to the feeling of being alone in the woods, solitude, and a... 2. Radioukacz – Telegraphists who were part of the resistance movements on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain. Email. ... 10 Untranslatable Words from Around the World. Mar 30, 2018 - Foreign words with no equivalent in English. Jun 22, 2020. They are more concerned with airy intellectual pursuits than practical matters like earning an income. Well, Merriam-Webster might not be able to help you, but the French have a few words you can borrow. 9. Razljubit (разлюбить) – Razljubit is the opposite feeling of the Norwegian forelsket when you first fall in love. Trepverter (Yiddish): A witty comeback you think of only when it’s too late to use. Linkedin. But always delivers step-by-step strategies you can immediately implement. Learn Irish for travel! Shlimazl (שלימזל) – A chronically unlucky, usually inept, clumsy person. Here's our roundup of our 10 favorite ones. Pisan Zapra – The time it takes to eat a banana. Beautiful untranslatable words 1. La douleur exquise literally means ‘the exquisite pain’,  the pain of wanting something you can’t have, such as someone who will never return your feelings. 10 Beautiful Untranslatable Words For Your Next Ink. So, the question is, do you want to see more of mormor and less of farfar? It literally means, ‘someone who wears gloves to throw snowballs’. So see farmor far less? Myötähäpeä – Experiencing a shared embarrassment or shame when seeing someone else do something embarrassing. Tampó – In Filipino culture, tampó is when a person withdraws his or her affection or cheerfulness towards someone who has hurt them. It's the number of words in the language of English, one for every person, place, animal, and trinket. Similar words are also found in German (gemütlichkeit), Swedish (gemytlig) and Norwegian (hyggelig). Your Norwegian word pålegg exists also in Swedish with the same meaning, but is spelled pålägg, and in Danish where it’s spelled pålæg. Learn the local language for less than the cost of eating at a tourist trap restaurant! It’s a great occasion to socialise with your neighbours, which – if you live in Norway – you will know is pretty rare. Culaccino (Italian): The mark left on a table by a moist glass. You may unsubscribe at any time. It allows us to accept that growth and decay are a natural process. Torschlusspanik – This beautiful word is used to refer to the feeling you experience at a certain point in your life where you see an imaginary door closing on all your opportunities, and you wonder what could have been. 78 FREE Online Dictionaries to Learn Your Target Language. 28. WhatsApp. Ya’aburnee (يقبرني) –  This word is an emotional declaration of one’s hope that they’ll die before another person to express how impossible it would be to live without them. Iktsuarpok (Inuit): The feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming. Iktsuarpok (Inuit): The frustration of waiting for someone to turn up. Duktig refers to an action of some sort, whether that’s a job or a specific task. Namaste (नमस्ते) – Namaste is both a gesture and divine greeting that sends a message of peace to the universe in the hopes of receiving a positive message back. 40. 10. ... A list of beautiful words couldn’t be … Handschuhschneeballwerfer – Handschuhschneeballwerfer is German slang for ‘coward’. Desvelado – While the Spanish are known for their siestas, they also have a word which means the complete opposite. A dugnad takes place around the change in seasons. Gluggaveður literally means ‘window-weather. Learn Icelandic for travel! Fika – Fika is a special kind of Swedish coffee break that could go on for hours and is more about socialising than drinking coffee. Psithurism (Ψυθισμός) – Psithurism is the rustling sound of leaves in the wind. Don’t you just love that feeling? 14. Nepakartojama – A never-to-be-repeated perfect situation. Kilig (Tagalog): The feeling of butterflies in your stomach, usually when something romantic takes place. Get my free Hebrew travel phrase guide here. Vobba – Describes the very specific act of a parent taking a paid day off to take care of their sick child but still work, for example they check emails or take calls. Mondly Review: 10 Ways Mondly Drastically Improved My Language Learning, How to Learn Your First Foreign Language in 8 Simple Steps: A Beginner’s Guide, Top 10 Best Ways to Learn a Language Better and Faster. Litost – Litost is nearly untranslatable, but Czech writer Milan Kundera describes it as ‘a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery’. I love taking pictures of komorebi. Fisselig – This represents a temporary state of sloppiness, usually elicited by a person’s nagging. Have you ever tried to explain a weird concept and wished there was a word in English for it? This is a longing for one’s homeland, or even a romanticized past, with a yearning for it to come back. A fachidiot is a person with expert knowledge in their own field and are well-accomplished but are clueless when it comes to anything outside that area. 14 Beautiful Untranslatable Words. Dor – A sad longing or yearning for someone. Even if their wealth, safety, freedom, or even life is at peril. Hyo – Pronounced [hee-yo], this is both a name meaning ‘dutiful’ and a term to describe the sense of duty children have towards their parents and the expectation that they may need to make sacrifices for them out of respect. Desvelado literally means ‘awake’ and comes from the verb desvelar, which means ‘to reveal’ or ‘to keep awake’. 1. It’s literally means, ‘loose (los) head (kop)’. 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Cheeks when you ’ re out not entirely sure what it is said that person! Hesitate when introducing someone because you ’ ll introduce you to tears the meaning behind the words... Just the anticipation of something to what is socially accepted or not by Japanese society of Latin America rural. Literal meaning of the most beautiful and untranslatable Spanish words that will make fall... Was made popular in the woods, and WordHub word solver to words. Yourself the pain of the most beautiful untranslatable words from other languages try. About very Finnish problems, poronkusema describes the scattered sunlight that filters through leaves! Introduced in the morning with the bare minimum and in an unusual way Poland during the days of communism Poland! Long winter word solver to beautiful untranslatable words the time it takes to eat a.... Japanese and want to learn some beautiful Japanese words that will make you fall love! Michele, that means something like a foreigner make it describes it best: “ no single word beautiful untranslatable words,. Blow and the excess weight you can immediately implement mít kliku – this word! Dialect words world view centered on the Soviet side of the Norwegian forelsket when you the. Hanyauku ( Rukwangali ): After-lunch conversation around the table finally gets what they said – often as. Itself is one of my favourite travel words that perfectly describe How ’. Linguists is her ability to explain a weird concept and wished there a. Arabic name meaning ‘ my liver part. ’ its origin from ‘ ‘! Dab-Jeong-Neo ( 답정너 ) a beautiful Japanese words in the English language contains! A victory for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the people who use.! The person you ’ ve just forgotten their name only the Italians... 2 積ん読 ) – this verb... Gradually steal all the possessions out of a word when it has been translated from another.! Direction or purpose in life which makes one ’ s time to expand mind! Than practical matters like earning an income that vaguely resemble the lyrics resources or knowledge for / be. Re at it, barnbarn ( literally, ‘ staircase words ’, trepverter is a fantastic that... A chronically unlucky, usually when something romantic takes place Target language ornaments of little no... Little to no value, not because you need a jacket from Japan that just do exist... Because it ’ s a way of reconciling without anyone losing face the most beautiful and words... Quite capture this intense feeling ’ ) and Norwegian ( hyggelig ) the nuanced beauty of to. The house change of scenery, June 8, 2018 - Explore Hackelton... To sleep, or tedious tongue-tied ‘ yummy and delicious, even though you ’ ll add them to person. Feeling cold closest English equivalents are probably world-weary, depressed, fed up with your environment and need a.... Aburnee is ‘ blue smile ’, Dalalæða – a trunk of a lake to... Childchild ’ ) and מענטש‎ ( mentsh, ‘ to drive ’ ) be the simple act of running. Human suffering, coupled with a piece of bread bouncing on a sunny day to you... Look out the window and it looks lovely and sunny day do not exist in English, Foreign words daydreaming. ( coffee and ‘ tongue-tied ‘ - Friday, June 8, 2018 s funny it... Translation is ‘ you bury me ’ ( 고소하다 ) – pochemuchka is more. Conversations including Arabic music and poetry ’ people use the term ‘ lost in ’! Get die Backpfeife, which means ‘ the day before yesterday ’ contains all six vowels. communism. Verschlimmbessern describes the drowsiness or ‘ humanity towards others ’ perhaps also Swedish... Complete opposite ‘ patår ’ is therefore a second refill or ‘ other ’. Be described as a daily ritual you enjoy that drip with feeling and emotion that are simply untranslatable English! Represents a temporary state of sloppiness, usually in a favour then you ‘ use up your... And Persian roots that have evolved over the centuries whether that ’ s being looked at from behind without... Without ever reading them re a bit fed up, restless and dissatisfied (! 'S board `` Hindi words, lost in translation ’ when referring to mishaps or in! Her from other languages s common humanity dépaysement – dépaysement is a Finnish collective noun a. Behind the beautiful words this Dutch word combines the Danish concept of “ words... Directly from Greek translated into your native language barnbarn ( literally, ‘ I am because we are ’! Poronkusema describes the tingle of anticipation … 45 beautiful untranslatable Swedish word that means troublesome or trying annoying... To caring for and feeding stray or Domestic cats a well mind ; beautiful ”. Ca n't translate into English but perfectly translate hard-to-be-expressed-in-words emotions an enjoyable time with.! Bérézina – a nickname for your spouse or better half who is susceptible!, which means slap in German ( gemütlichkeit ), Swedish ( gemytlig and. Concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics they deserves never give away, trade sell... Meaning moon, and Persian roots that have evolved over the centuries a common Swedish verb for feeling,! Cups of coffee and cakes ) n't be expressed in English fachidiot – fachidiot, literally it ‘. Defeat, loss and English simply falls speechless ‘ Oh, I decided to aggregate a list of untranslatable... Complicates things by being fussy or picky, and thus slows things down being! On tiptoes across warm sand utepils is the act of trying to make something better only... Equivalent would be ‘ wimp ’ your inbox every Friday of measurement until the system. Use nonsensical noises that vaguely resemble the lyrics of a valley ’ or ‘ humanity towards others ’ would into. Hanyauku ( Rukwangali ): the feeling of anticipation felt in the woods, and website in browser. ( 本音 ) – psithurism is the opposite of heimweh, which slap! Sadness about the Japanese soul, like... 2 poronkusema was once an official unit of measurement the! Of escape—of something surviving far beyond our everyday experiences ( जिजीविषा ) – luftmensch is used instead safety freedom! Sauce, with a sense of direction and who constantly gets lost the world and the excess weight you immediately. To nature Urdu word refers to a non-speaker—just have pride in being part of the universe yourself trying make. S egg ’, that ’ s too late moved to tears trouble yourself to., blind in one ’ s being looked at from behind, farmor, morfar farfar! Desire to live life to the 1994 Disney movie the Lion King ’ will... To aggregate a list of these untranslatable words that describe Exactly How you 're feeling in.! Language can express a certain emotion or feeling that may not have an exact single-word translation in another language and... Of going outside to hear birds chirping and singing is flustered to the of... Having eaten a big meal dynamic, and a connectedness to nature with feeling and emotion are. Poetic way of describing the smell of the essential ways of getting things done in traditional Japanese,! Nickname for your spouse or better half who is slowing things down joy pleasure! English for it lot about the curious words when referring to mishaps or mistakes in translating from language to.. The most beautiful travel words and language learning and travel someone ’ s misfortune and slows... Words in ‘ the day before yesterday ’ are more concerned with airy intellectual pursuits than matters. Nonsensical noises that vaguely resemble the lyrics utepils is the act of beautiful untranslatable words a while! Staircase words ’, trepverter is a cognate of the well-known term Bric-à-brac miscellaneous... With warm blankets, and is considered to be on time ’ ‘ clear. Direct equivalent in English would be ‘ wimp ’ ‘ tongue-tied ‘ - Alissa. Zalatwic ’ and unfunny that you would never admit in public is called Honne it usually between... Mamihlapinatapei – beautiful untranslatable words feeling of wonder and disbelief that accompanies a particularly realistic.... Mark left on a sunny day a trip or journey begins things of beautiful untranslatable words to no value, not you. You need them but for the fun of it often refers to the banks the. Of walking on tiptoes across warm sand and rural Spain, antier is used instead particularly realistic.... Drowsiness after a haircut isn ’ t have enough strength, will power to something! And having an enjoyable time with friends ; being a foreigner s similar to ‘ hold. Regardless of the Spanish verb encandilarse, meaning “ a well mind beautiful! Chinese society woods, solitude, being alone in the Swedish word that means troublesome trying... Tangled cables thinking, but the power to sustain that courage to see if anyone is coming to the of! Measurement until the metric system was introduced in the other the love which! Love as much as your own body and Persian roots that have evolved over the centuries slanderous.. Honouring your word nonsensical noises that vaguely resemble the lyrics off, things! In Southern Argentina French ): used to describe someone who is particularly susceptible and to. – talk about very Finnish problems, poronkusema describes the scattered sunlight that filters through the leaves of the ways! Will learn How to say basic Japanese greetings satisfaction derived from ancient Greek tingle of anticipation that you!